Glen Oak Park is located in the Glen Oak subdivision. The park includes a fishing pond, an ice skating pond, a picnic area, a playground, restrooms, shelters, a sledding hill, sports fields, and nature trails.

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Park Amenities

Ice Skating Pond

The Glen Oak skating area was specifically designed for ice skating. The pond depth in the winter is less than 24 inches deep. The ice thickness is measured on a regular basis for safety. Please do not skate on the pond when the No Skating signs are posted.

Fishing Pond

Fishing is catch & release only and requires a valid fishing license. No swimming, skating, or wading is permitted in the park ponds. Please keep off the ice in the winter.

Park ponds are part of retention and drainage areas that have constantly moving water and therefore the pond ice is very dangerous.


There are three educationally themed play areas at Glen Oak Park where children can explore and learn about the metamorphosis of a butterfly, how trees filter our air, and all about a bee's life. Each one is located near one of the park's three covered shelters and offers something different for children to enjoy.

Sled Hill

A large, man-made sledding hill is located at the southern end of the parking area. Weather permitting, it is open for all to enjoy during the winter months.


A paved multi-use trail gently winds its way around and through the park property and is available year round for all to enjoy. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on all park trails.

A small wooded area is located on the southeast corner of the Glen Oak Park property with nature trails winding through it. This area contains many unique plants and animals such as frogs, turtles, and salamanders.

Glen Oak Park

7126 Blue Holly Drive
Lewis Center, OH 43035


Open dawn to dusk