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Photo Scavenger Hunt
The Orange Township Photo Scavenger Hunt will start on April...

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Independence Day Parade 2023
The Orange Township Independence Day Parade will be held on...

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March 2023 Newsletter
Orange Township is in anticipation of spring! Check out what...

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2023 Winter Newsletter is here!
Residents were mailed a copy of the Winter Newsletter, if...

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2022 State of the Township
A State of the Township was drafted by the Township...

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Photo Scavenger Hunt!

This event is for all ages. Teams of 4-6 members will have 9 days to complete as many photo challenges as they can. The challenge begins April 7 and will conclude on April 16. There will be a pizza party on April 21 at 7pm at Township Hall to reveal the winners and showcase all the pictures.

Veterans Memorial

 Our Township established this fund to build a memorial, not only to honor those men and women who served but also for the families who lost loved ones while serving. We want to honor the effort and sacrifice of those who have served, comfort those who have lost loved ones, and provide a site where people can remember and grieve as a community.

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