The Orange Township Community Volunteer Board (CVB) facilitates the connections between the local government and all segments of the Orange Township residential and business population.

Committee Mission

CVB will work, in task forces and committees as organized by the CVB, to provide Information and Outreach concerning Community Plans, Policies, Operations, and Initiatives with the goal to facilitate opportunities. The CVB may work with residents, community organizations, businesses and governmental agencies and officials as required, directed and/or recommended by the Trustees.


The CVB shall be comprised of five regular members, with the allowance to expand up to seven regular members, provided that, at any one time, the total maximum number of members shall either be five or seven, but never six. All members must be elector residents in the unincorporated portion of Orange Township. All members shall be appointed by Resolution of the Board of Trustees, and shall be subject to the State of Ohio Sunshine and Ethics Laws.

Committee Members
  • Chrisi Hagan, Chair
  • Emily Elsea, Vice Chair
  • JD Hartwell, Secretary
  • Tony Benishek
  • Amelia Tucciarone, Member