Cemeteries in Orange Township

The Orange Township Fiscal Officer keeps records of the Africa and Williamsville cemeteries. The fiscal officer also has records for the Patterson (McCloud) cemetery which was relocated to Williamsville in 1974 due to the Alum Creek Project. Cemetery plots may be purchased through the fiscal officer.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Cemetery Locations

  • Africa Cemetery: The cemetery was originally located on Africa Road near Lewis Center Road. It is now relocated to South Old State Road behind the Berlin Presbyterian Church due to the Alum Creek Project.
  • Patterson (McCloud) Cemetery: Formerly near Bale-Kenyon Road and Lewis Center Road. The cemetery was removed to Williamsville Cemetery in 1974 due to the Alum Creek Project.
  • Williamsville Cemetery: The cemetery is located 455 feet east of U.S. 23, and a mile south of East Orange Road.