2014 Green Collaborative Achievement Award

2014 MORPC Award

Photo on left features (Left to Right): Liberty Township Administrator David Anderson, Liberty Trustees Shyra Eichhorn and Dr. Tom Mitchell, Orange Township Trustee Rob Quigley, Genoa Township Trustee Rick Carfagna and Genoa Township Administrator Paul Wise (not picture OrangeTwp. Administrator Gail Messmer) displaying their respective 2014 Green Collaborative Achievement Awards.

Photo on right features the 2014 Green Collaborative Achievement Award

Three Delaware County Townships Receive 2014 Green Collaborative Achievement Award!

On October 10, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) announced at the Sustainability Summit several major awards. This included the 2014 Green Collaborative Achievement Award recognizing Intergovernmental Cooperation related to "Green activities". Trustees Mitchell and Eichhorn (Liberty), Genoa Township Trustee Rick Carfagna and Orange Township Trustee Rob Quigley were on hand to accept the awards. The award was an engraved green recycled Green glass plate.

The impetus for the nomination was the tremendous cost reductions and intergovernmental cooperation between Genoa and Orange Townships on trash contracts when combined with the Liberty Township's single family houses into one massive publicly bid contract. The Delaware County Prosecutor's office was also critical in completing the contract and advertising process to achieve these impressive results. The contract includes curbside trash and recycling services (unlimited) which has no "flow control" requirements. The exceptional bidding environment only enhanced the results of the effort to capitalize on the economies of scale to the advantage of the residents and bring curbside recycling services to another 5,717 residential units. The three year cost saving projections reach $4.7 million dollars of private resident's money while increasing recycling service and reducing heavy traffic wear and tear on the roads! Another aspect is that of the un–estimable value and cost savings accruing to the public for reduced wear and tear on public streets from heavy truck traffic. Lastly, the contract includes free pickup of governmental facilities in each township; those contractual savings last year cost Liberty Township alone $5700 for the three sites in Liberty Township.