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Road Construction Notices

Lewis Center Road Closure Update 10/19/18   

Lewis Center Road Closure 10/12/18    

First Street Closure 9/25/18    

Summerfest Closure 8/17/2018     

Warren Road Closure 8/20/2018    

Horseshoe Road Closure 8/14/2018    

***UPDATE S. Old State Road Closure 8/2/2018  UPDATE ***

***UPDATE S. Section Line Road Closure 8/1/2018  UPDATE***

***UPDATE Horseshoe Road Closure 7/31/2018  UPDATE***   

S. Old State Road Closure 7/31/2018    

Horseshoe Road Closure 7/30/2018      

Clark Shaw Road Closure 7/23/2018     

Kelly McMaster Road 7/16/18      

Curve Road closure 7/16/18         

Condit Road 7/16/18    

Bunty Station Road, Bean Oller Road and Hyatts Road Update 7/3/2018     

Cheshire Road closure 7/2/18     

S. Section Line Road closure 7/2/18     

E Orange Rd and Franklin St RR closure 6/28/18     

Hyatts Road RR closure     

Bean Oller Road RR closure 6/18/18      

Bunty Station Road RR closure 6/18/18    

S Old 3C Highway 6/18/18    

Carter's Corners 6/18/18       

Liberty Road 6/18/18      

Case Road 6/4/18      

S. Section Line Road Closure Update     

Berlin Station Road 5/25/18      

Jewett Road 5/25/18      

Stover Road 5/22/18    

N. Old State Road 5/14/18    

Berkshire Road 5/7/18   

S. Section Line Road 4-30-18      

Sawmill Parkway Brainbridge Mills Road Closure 4-30-18        

Stover Road    

Curve Road    

Horseshoe Road Closure 2/27/18    

Norton Road RR closure 2/27/18    

S. Section Line Road Closure 2-13-18    

E Orange Road RR Closure 11-20-17   

Lewis Center Road RR crossing and Franklin Street closure 11-14-17    

Hillsmiller Road Closure 11-13-17   

Moody Road 11-6-17    

Bale Kenyon Road Closure 11-6-17     
Map associated with above closure  

Maxwell Ave. Closure 11-6-17    

Jewett Road Closure 10-23-17   

Rutherford Road Closure 10-13-17   

Warrensburg Road Closure 10-13-17   

Wilshire Blvd. UPDATE 10-16-17   

Wilshire Blvd. Closure 10-13-17    

3 B's and K Road Closure 9-25-17   

Delaware County Engineer Public Mtg - Lewis Center and North Rd Improvements  

Bale Kenyon Road Closure 9-29-17   

Lawrence Road Closure 9-18-17  

Wren Lane UPDATE 9-7-17  

Curtis Road RR Crossing 9-6-17   

Wren Lane 9-5-17   

Blue Church Road 9-5-17  

Big Walnut Road AND Worthington Road 8-28-17  

Clark Road 8-28-17 

PUBLIC NOTICE - Open House Lyra Drive North to E. Powell Road Project  

Blaney Road closure 8-28-17 

Bale Kenyon Road closure 8-7-17  

Hillsmiller Road RR crossing 8-7-17  

N Section Line RR crossing 8-7-17  

Sawmill Parkway-Hyatts Road roundabout closure 

North Road closure update 7-25-17 

Attucks Road and Brewster Lane closure 7-31-17

Troy Road RR Crossing 7-25-17 

Buttermilk Hill RR Crossing 7-25-17  

Wilson Road closure 7-25-17 
Lewis Center Road closure 7-3-17  

Cheshire Road closure 7/5/17 

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