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Signs - Yard Sale/Open House
The zoning office would like to remind residents that yard sale signs do not require a permit, but the Orange Township Zoning Resolution stipulates that yard/garage sale & real estate sales/open house signs be placed only on lots where the sale is being held or the property that is being sold.

The Township Zoning Department will allow signs at the subdivision entrance of the property having the sale/open house, on days the sale/open house showings are held, if you follow these guidelines:
  1. The signs shall be places at least (12) feet off the pavement of any road and/or within the landscaped areas of the entrances to the subdivision. Signs are not permitted on islands within the roadway.
  2. Signs may not be placed at crossroads away from your subdivision.
  3. Each sign must have the name & address of the party responsible for placing the sign (this can be located on the back in small print so it is not noticeable from the road).
  4. Signs may not be placed on government road signposts or utility poles.

All other signs will be removed by the Township Zoning and/or Maintenance Departments.

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