Route 23 Corridor Overlay District

Route 23 Corridor Overlay District

Article 20 - Route 23 Corridor Overlay District (RCOD)     

Route 23 Corridor Overlay District (RCOD) Application Submittal & Meeting Date Schedule     

Route 23 Corridor Overlay District (RCOD) Application     

Route 23 Corridor Overlay District (RCOD) Fee Schedule     

About RCOD

The Orange Township Trustees hired the Delaware County Finance Authority staff to assist in the creation in a 1,825-acre commercial overlay zone along US23 from Shanahan Road to Lazelle Road. The Orange Township Trustees adopted the text in October of 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is commercial overlay zoning?
Overlay zoning is a regulatory tool that creates a special zoning district, placed over an existing base zone(s), which identifies special provisions in addition to those in the underlying base zone Regulations or incentives are attached to the overlay district to protect a specific resource or guide development within a special area. This is a great tool for developed areas that are in need of redevelopment, as it includes design standards set by the local officials.

What kind of development should we expect?
Residents and visitors will see more walkable entertainment districts with places to live, shop, eat and play as well as higher end office and high tech research and development facilities.

How will this affect traffic?
When new cool and exciting developments come in to a community, we can expect more traffic. US23 expects to see a surge in growth, regardless of an overlay district. With the incorporation of an overlay district, the township has a greater chance of negotiating with developers to help with infrastructure costs to help better manage traffic with the potential of extending roads. In the long run, we expect traffic to have better flow with more efficient infrastructure.