U.S. 23 Bike / Pedestrian Bridge

U.S. 23 Bike and Pedestrian Bridge

Sunday, October 26, 3:30 PM

The bridge is here!! Sections leading up to US Route 23 will be placed during the day. The sections spanning over US Route 23 will be placed overnight to avoid major traffic disruption.

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A Public Meeting was held at Orange Township Hall on March 13, 2012 regarding the bike / pedestrian bridge over U.S. 23 as part of the Orange Township Trail Master Plan. View the meeting information (PDF) to learn more about the proposed design.

Pedestrian Bridge Location Study

This location study (PDF) was conducted to identify the most logical, efficient, and cost effective location for the proposed bike / pedestrian bridge over U.S. 23. The study identified three options. Option 1 quickly rose to most desirable choice because of a number of reasons including:

  • Option 1 provided immediate access to the Gooding Boulevard trail that currently exists on the west side of U.S. 23
  • Option 1 is central to the only existing development within Orange Township, but will access future growth areas on the east and west sides of U.S. 23, as well as undeveloped land north of Home Road and Lewis Center Road
  • Little to no development has occurred around Option 1, so it could be seen as a blank slate. Option 3 has existing development that could be very difficult to coordinate and fit an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible ramp to access the bridge over U.S. 23, while the new development around Option 1 could incorporate the bridge
  • Option 1 requires negotiations with one property owner on the east and one property owner on the west, thereby reducing the time and dollars associated with easement acquisition
  • Option 2 provided potential available open land, however the high voltage power lines proposed a major obstacle. Even though discussions with American Electric Power (AEP) showed that the bridge could be grounded, thereby eliminating the potential for electrical shocks, nuisance shocks could not necessarily be eliminated from entering and exiting the grounded bridge
  • Option 2 has been viewed as problematic due to the perception of biking and walking within such close proximity to the high voltage power lines
  • Option 3 requires multiple coordination with several property owners in order to access a public right-of-way and make connections to an existing trail system. For a period of time, this would create a bridge effectively to nowhere

Trail Connections to U.S. 23 Bike / Pedestrian Bridge

Connections were proposed for the construction of trails to take place during 2012 and 2013. With the construction of the bike / pedestrian bridge crossing U.S. 23, the Orange Township trail system will provide off road trail access from the eastern portion of the Township at Freedom Trail Elementary School on Bale Kenyon Road, west to the North Orange Park and Aquatic Center measuring approximately 4.5 miles. View the map of trail connections.

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