Facility Rentals   

As of Tuesday, January 7, 2020, there will now be changes to how you can rent our Rooms and Shelters! Be assured that all rentals taken as of January 7, (agreements and deposits made) will be secure and your dates and times honored.

We will now be going through a new software program for all shelter and room rentals! This includes:

  • North Orange Park Community Room
  • North Orange Park Shelter
  • North Orange Aquatic Center Pool Shelters
  • And the weekend resident rentals of the township hall Moffett and Thompson Rooms

The shelters at Glen Oak Park, Ro Park and Walker Wood Park will still be first come first serve.

The Changes are:

  • No longer be renting to non-residents
  • You will no longer be going through township hall
  • It will be done strictly by you the resident on line
  • No longer having to figure how much time you will need; you will be renting blocks of time! (Cost is very similar to previous per hour pricing)
  • Table and chairs will be made available to you to set up the way you would like; but we will take them down for you, don’t forget to clean up!
  • Payment will be by credit/debit card only
  • You will still need to stop by and pick up your key card at the township hall and drop the key card in the new mailbox provided at the community room after your event (mailbox already provided at township hall for weekend rentals)

**Rentals must be made at least 30 days in advance of rental date

**Civic Organizations (HOAs etc.) will still be going through the township hall for their township hall rentals through the week

Starting Tuesday, January 7, 2020, you will go to our website: and follow the links to rentals. There will be more information to come!